Day 10

Free thing(s) I did/acquired today:

  • Made Snickerdoodles
  • Got my $100 American Express gift card in the mail today (used my rewards points). I could have used this yesterday when I got that dress!

Item(s) I passed up buying:

  • I put the old bag on the new bike, but I really want to get a protective film to put on my painted areas that may come in contact with the bag. The shipping is more than the cost of the film. Wish I had kept the film when I purchased the bags (though they say it only lasts a year).

Cash Spending

  • $0

Spending on Necessities

  • $0

Spending on NON-necessities

  • $0

Reduced from fridge/pantry/freezer

  • Produce box: none
  • Fridge: none
  • Freezer: Some pre-made oatmeal
  • Pantry: a few granola bars

Cash remaining: $71.94


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