Reflections on $100 Budget month

More than half way done with the month and over $60 cash left!

Spent $859.90 so far, mostly on necessities. This does not include rent, medical bills nor the ~$100 cash I had at the beginning of the month which I gave my self permission to use for whatever I want.

Reflection on the past 18 days: I have probably sneaked a few more items from the grocery store, coining them as ‘necessities’, than I should have (need to be a little more honest with myself) and I certainly indulged by buying that dress, which I intend to return. I put it on for my sisters last night and now I do not like it as much as it cost me.

I have also been spending a bit more on shipping items, which is out of the norm. I am trying to sell books and DVDs and also shipped some DVDs to my sisters. Good to get them out of my tiny apartment.

I’m proud of myself for passing up some fast food at times and also bringing food (PB&J) to the park instead of buying new stuff to bring to the park for a picnic. Also proud of all those things I wanted to buy but resisted!!



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