Day 21

Free thing(s) I did/acquired today:

  • Went to a happy hour for the local run group with my friend Katie and Luv
  • My friend, Carl, was there and we caught up some. He showed us pictures of his new baby boy
  • Katie bought me dinner – very sweet of her

Item(s) I passed up buying:

  • Lots of stuff – the grocery store is bad. I put back lemonade and some smoothie packs.

Cash Spending

  • $13 – Mariposa Bakery (Yesterday)

Spending on Necessities

  • $20 – Grocery store purchase of some necessities (eggs) and some extras (cool whip, bologna) – I used up coins because I was tired of carrying them around and to try to offset the ‘extras’.

Spending on NON-necessities

  • $0

Reduced from fridge/pantry/freezer

  • Produce box:
  • Fridge: 
  • Freezer:
  • Pantry: 

Cash remaining: $48.00


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