Day 22

With the $1k medical bill this month and the fact that I still have a ton of food in my apartment, maybe I will continue this through July. I could probably put off buying a new motorcycle helmet till August. I will have to plan a budget for the week I’m in Oregon, which is sure to be expensive with hotel bills and such. I will consider doing this restricted budget 2 out of every 5 months, similar to the restricted calorie regime I’m on.

Free thing(s) I did/acquired today:

  • Studied for my interview
  • Put together a kick ass portfolio for my interview
  • Dyed my hair
  • Bags were put on my new bike

Item(s) I passed up buying:

  • A new printer – I really want a small wireless one
  • shwings

Cash Spending

  • $0 – stayed home most of the day

Spending on Necessities

  • $0

Spending on NON-necessities

  • $0

Reduced from fridge/pantry/freezer

  • Produce box:
  • Fridge: zucchini, onions, eggs
  • Freezer:
  • Pantry: Jello pudding – I ate the whole box in one day

Cash remaining: $48


2 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. I like those hard bags, they look good on your bike. I don’t know why but I am coca puffs for a ton of bag space. It took me 14 years and 3 motorcycles to figure out that I needed lots of storage space on my cycle to be happy.

    • Hey,

      Yes, luggage is very important! I have a cool BagsConnection Bag that I’ll use on top of the leather luggage bags for long trips. This bags connection bag was a HUGE help on my buell blast. I couldn’t let the bag go when I bought the new bike. I knew I’d need bags and very glad I purchased locking bags for the new bike.

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