Day 23

Lost my master password to my master password file. I tried, what I thought was all the combinations. I walked away and came back to it after my run and the password just flowed from my fingers. Thank goodness! I’ve written it down and stored it away just in case.

Free thing(s) I did/acquired today:

  • Studied for my interview
  • Running in classic foggy SF weather

Item(s) I passed up buying:

  • shwings – they only had green and yellow at the store I went by today

Cash Spending

  • $3 – Water after a 7.5 mile run

Spending on Necessities

  • $0

Spending on NON-necessities

  • $60.98  – luggage rack for motorcycle (need this for long motorcycle trips)

Reduced from fridge/pantry/freezer

  • Produce box:
  • Fridge: 
  • Freezer:
  • Pantry: 

Cash remaining: $45


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