Today’s analogy (#3)

Multitasking is very seldom a good idea. The human brain is like a dollar bill, split it up and spend a quarter here, a dime over there, but at the end of the day the sum of your effort is still a dollar. The theory is, if you spend one dollar all on one item each day, eventually it will become routine and only cost a penny to accomplish.

Today, I was spread thin. Trying to eat healthy for an upcoming half marathon and also trying to reduce purchasing unnecessary items. Neither accomplished, however, I would say I gained a few quarters by finally doing that spring cleaning and removing all the clutter from my apartment (and mind?), specifically focusing on clothes that are too big because I have done an excellent job of eating healthy the past year and the end result had been dramatic weight loss.

So I will indulge in that extra cookie 😉 and new skirt that’s in my new smaller size.

A large pile for goodwill. Finally getting rid of the prom dress I never actually wore (even though it still fits after 14 years)


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