Enlightening run?

Thank goodness I had something to return at a store that was 3 miles away. It was the perfect excuse to go the 5 miles LSD taper run that my training plan called for. Next week is the half marathon and I’m looking forward to the goodies I’ve promised myself after – Gluten and lots of dairy! Oh I’m going to love it and then regret it. The item returned to the store was Fish Oil, which helps with inflammation (counteracts the gluten? Let’s hope!), however, a little research led me to a better ratio of EPA to DHA, thus the bottle had to be returned. The new bottle Nordic Naturals EPA Elite is concentrated in EPA and I’m excited to test it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

The REI Flash 18 backpack was the perfect way to carry the huge bottle of fish oil the 3 miles, then it carried a brand new mullet pillow on the 2 mile run to the grocery store. After stowing some grocery items in my bag and seeing the 9 minute wait for the next muni, I decided to run the mile home. My right foot’s arch didn’t start to hurt until that last mile. I bet I’ll be in pain after the half next week – and part of me thought of skipping it too – but then I’ll have a month’s rest before starting up another training program for the spring.

So on to the enlightening part of the run.

On the return run, a homeless guy in the haight yelled “Sex is better than jogging. I swear to it!” It gave me a giggle as I realized I run 3 times a week and have sex much less often, so which one do I find better in my book?

From I Am Funny Shirts


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