Healsburg Half Marathon (#4)

Race 4 under my belt.

This was an easy conversational pace race. The view was gorgeous and my run partner seemed to enjoy my talking. I tried to not ask many questions because, though fit, he was under trained and hadn’t run a race in 10 years. He did amazing. I finished very strong – he was hard to keep up with the last quarter mile – and squeaked in to finish a little faster than my previous race (Maui).

This course wove through dry creek valley, up and over rolling hills, and the vines were turning red, and yellow. The moon was full and visible when we started in the dark and was still visible when I finished (earlier than expected) around 9:30am.

After the race, I treated myself to a gluten-filled McDonald’s cheeseburger which I’d been craving for over 8 months. It tasted great and probably much better than if I hadn’t just run 13.1 miles šŸ™‚

My knees were a little stiff after the race (not as bad as maui – I iced them right away) and my back ached a little during the race. My left hamstring was tight after the race, and as the day progressed. I used a tennis ball and iced before bed. Overnight my back flared up and required immediate icing. Today is ice and rest for this little runner.



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