March Marathon Madness

What happens when I see a half marathon opportunity on my birthday?

I honestly haven’t thought much about my birthday plans. I frequently do a bowling party but this year that is not an option. So I had resigned to a low key 33rd birth year dinner with Luv. That was until my birth-date flashed before my eyes when I scoped out a new half marathon in the Bay Area organized by, none other than, the US Half organizers.

“Wow, an inaugural half that takes place around or on my birthday!” I could hear, smell and see the years to come that I would run this race.

It’s not the most convenient to get to (1+ hr drive/commute) but that’s not stopping me, in fact, it has solidified my once low key birthday (and future birthdays!) to having the possibility for a grand birth-weekend!

Did I mention this half marathon is in wine country and has a beer check at mile 11?

After a quick conversation with Luv, I signed up and have now increased the number of March half marathons to three.


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