After (accidentally) stepping on my cat then making sudden movements to try to not step on her again (failing miserably) I was the one screaming OW! the loudest. Actually it was a series of curse words.

My physical therapist says it’s a combo of groin pull and hip strain. Whatever it is, after the cat incident I knew it was finally time to take a break from running.

For the past month I’ve been in denial about this groin pull. When I can’t even lose my balance putting on my pants, which happens more often than I’d like to admit, without shooting pains… It’s time to take a break.

So hard because the training plan for the marathon in the fall has started and as with all injuries there is the huge unknown of how long it will take to heal.

Every day I keep reminding myself that taking time to heal is extremely important. There will be other races. And I can even downgrade to the half in the fall.

Rest, icing 3x per day, ice baths and Physical therapy. Oh and lots of wine! Since that is not something I partake in during training 😉

When you are injured and taking a break from running, what do you do to cope?


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