RunOak Half Marathon (#8)

Back on the running band wagon, or so I thought.

The 10 miler went well, since I had a running buddy who kept me at a 12 min/mile pace and I stuck to the 2 min run/ 1.5 min walk strategy. I used the same strategy for this half marathon and stayed with the 2 hr 30 min pace group for the first 7 miles doing my run walk, which kept me at a comfortable 11:26 pace. At the hill I pulled forward as everyone slowed and then raced down the hill.

After the hill I spotted two women wearing matching shirts and I recognized the design of the shirts as the same company that my two sisters and I just bought our matching shirts from for the October half we are doing together. I asked them if they found the shirts to be comfortable and they both said yes. Then they continued to talk to me. They stopped to refill their water bottles while I passed up the aid station and surged forward. They caught up to me though and started chatting again.

I’ve made some new friends and we plan to go running in Marin on some trails soon so they can train for their 50k endurance trail race.

My calves were sore right after the Saturday race and so was both groins. It was Tuesday when I went for the first run that I noticed my right groin was indeed injured. I’m sad, frustrated and confused. This is the opposite groin that was injured last time.

Questions circling to find the cause, overtraining? Yes. Running down hill during the half? According to the last runners world magazine, running downhill creates elongated quad muscles and micro tears so probably contributed. Lack of stretching? Maybe.

I had taken care between the 10 miler and half by running short distances and continuing the longer walk breaks. I think my competitiveness came out and was the ultimate cause.

Now to skip my long run this weekend and rest till this groin injury is over because I don’t want a repeat of this spring where it lead to SI pain. I have a PT apt scheduled for the day I return from vacation.

Soreness/Injury Report

  • Pre-race Injury: No major pain, even the mid-back pain I had had weeks earlier had subsided
  • Taped: Both knees.
  • During: both groin soreness mile 4-13. Calves a medium soreness mile 4-13.
  • Post Race: Stretched a little while waiting in line with friends, cool breeze. Both groin low pain, calf soreness, wore compression sleeves when I got home.
  • Day after: walked 18 holes of hilly golf. Aleve all day. Groin pain was low, and calf soreness low – just a few awkward steps after waking up.
  • three days after race: went for a run and only got .5 mile before realizing it was an injury and not soreness.

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