SF US half marathon (#10)

Great weather. Lots of beautiful sites to see. Hilly – 4-5 hills. The bridge was not closed to car traffic, the runners had to run on the sidewalk. I could see me getting a PB on this course because of the challenge of weaving between people on the bridge.

Soreness/Injury Report

  • Pre-race Injury: right bottom outside lot pain since fast run on Monday. Saw PT on Friday and determined it was an inflamed joint, not plantar fasciitis. Took Advil prior to race start.
  • Taped: no tape
  • During: foot hurt a lot before start of race – shoes put pressure on inflamed spot – and I considered not running. Around mile 9 my calves became sore. The bottom outside of my right foot hurt entire time but not as bad as at race start.
  • Post Race: Stretched after the race. wore compression sleeves when I got home. Iced foot and knees and calves.
  • Day after: PT worked on foot and left calf. Painful foot all day, rested as much as possible, iced foot and calves
  • Two days after race: calves more sore than past two days. Did the ski boot walk when I got up in the morning. Foot not as sore, wore sneakers last night and today.

For 2015, this race is now called the Golden Gate Half Series.


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