North Face Endurance Relay Race 6.5 mile trail run

On Friday I was not planning a trail run on Saturday, but by Saturday 10:30am I was on a team with three other November Project tribe members who I had never hugged (met) before to run 6.5 miles of steep (1000+ elv gain) fire road trails.

I was the first leg so I was sure to be done before my friends crossed for the 50k. It was hot (over 65 degrees, cloudy and humid) and I held back to conserve energy for the climb. At mile two I was warmed up and it felt great to be halfway up the hill. This is where the constant smile started.

At the top there was fog (I love fog!) then a view of the Golden gate. Once on the downhill, there was nothing but mud to the bottom. I could dodge a little but there were sections where it was inevitable. What fun!! And fast! I looked at my pace and one point it said sub 8min/mile.

I iced my knees right after and my calves for prevention. I want to be set for next Sunday’s more technical trail half in Woodside.


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