Woodside Ramble Winter Trail Half Marathon (#11)

The half marathon trail run was great!

It started out arriving about 45 mins early, parking at Huddart Park was not a problem. I stayed bundled up in my winter coat while i collected my bib, it was 47 degrees. I went back and forth about wearing capris with a long sleeve shirt or short sleeve with arm warmers. I went with long sleeved. While standing in the small corral about 4 mins before the gun, I decided to run back to the car (which was close) to switch out to warmer gloves because my fingers were turning white (I have raynaud’s).

The race started and it was single file on the very very narrow trail for 1 mile. Then it opened up and I was able to slow my pace. People were passing me but I didn’t care, I wasn’t going for a particular time. The forest was beautiful, with pine needles on the path and mossy trees. Lots of redwoods and redwood smells.

The elevation was a climb for 4 miles, an ungulated trail for 5 miles with an aid station toward the middle then a decline for 4 miles back to the start/finish. The aid station had all types of food: boiled potatoes, bananas, PB&J sandwiches, M&Ms, Clif Bars, Clif shots, potato chips, coke, mountain dew, and electrolytes.

The climb was tough, lots of walking, my heart rate was up to 168 while running uphill. On the downhill, it was a good recovery from the tough climb (140 BPM). My watch said 11 miles and I texted my trail buddy who was waiting at the finish to let her know the estimate time of finish. I was feeling great and ready to tackle the last two miles (and then some!) Then at mile 11.5 a sign said “Finish!” with an arrow. WFT?! Right around the bend was…. the finish! I didn’t run fast to it, I was confused and honestly didn’t want it to end.

I had estimated a finish time of 2:56 and came in at 2:50. I went to map the route on mapmyrun to find out what it says because it didn’t feel like 13 miles and it mapped out at 12.2 miles. The entire race was fun and had lively conversation because I was running with my weekday running buddy who has now been turned onto trail running because of me. He signed up for this race after we ran around this park as a training run a few weeks back.

It was a small race with a small budget. There were no mile markers on the course. The race medal was the same for the 50k, 35k, half marathon and 10k distances. The race premium was a red long sleeved technical tee with christmas trees on the back. At the finish they had the same goodies as they did on the trail, plus a plethora of chips (including veggie), chocolate milk, apple pie, christmas cookies, cupcakes, and salsa.

I came home and took a salt bath. My back is the only thing hurting and has been bothering me for the past three weeks. I’m going to my PT tomorrow about it. I’m pretty dehydrated and need nutritious food.

Soreness/Injury Report

  • Pre-race Injury: No injury. Tight back (not due to running). Tight right hip flexor.
  • Taped: Both knees.
  • During: A couple of twinges in the calves. My hip flexor has been tight and was tight on the run.
  • Post Race: Stretched after the race. 1 hr drive home. Took a salt bath then wore compression sleeves after I got home.

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