JavaScript in my future – Thank you BAGGD

Last night at Bay Area Girl Geek dinner hosted by Optimizely, I was sitting around a table with 5 other girl geeks and half of them were developers talking about how they have a career as a software engineer. In that moment, these facts came to mind

  • I’ve been around computers all my life (since I was 3 years old)
  • I created my first website on geocities when I was 16
  • Self taught html, css, SQL, php
  • Informatics Bachelors degree with two semesters of Java, plus other classes in C#, SAP, and SQL databases
  • My MSIS Master’s capstone project was a Health 2.0 dashboard for Deloitte & Touche
  • In every job since completing my undergrad, I’ve ended up creating or working on my employer’s website, even when I was hired as an insurance agent

Then I questioned myself, “I have the length of experience and the skills, why am I not sitting in their shoes right now“?

After our round table discussion, one of the ladies I was talking to commented on what HackBright Academy is, “Hack Bright is a women’s coding boot camp covering python.” She waent on to say,  “App Academy and Dev Bootcamp cover the Ruby language and Ruby on Rails; and Hack Reactor covers only JavaScript”. As soon as she said JavaScript, my body buzzed inside. Something triggered me to dig deeper and find out more.

Today, I did some research and indeed Hack Reactor is a full stack JavaScript immersion course. JavaScript is used on over 80% of websites in the world. JavaScript is also on the upward trend whereas Ruby and Python are stagnant or declining. JavaScript is both a front-end and back-end language (aka it spans the full stack).

The Hack Reactor application was a small JavaScript problem that had to run to be accepted. Every second of looking up the syntax and figuring out the problem, I was in heaven.

With the help of Hack Reactor, a JavaScript Developer is the career path for me.

HackBright Academy is also the sponsor of Bay Area Girl Geek dinners.


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