The First Step: Hack Reactor

Spending $18k on a full stack JavaScript immersion course at Hack Reactor isn’t crazy if everything in your body says it’s the right path. This program is 13 weeks long, 6 days a week and 11+ hours per day (9am-8pm). It will be intense for sure, however, all the 90 reviews except 2 are 5 stars.

My gut is telling me that this is the right choice. After working in many positions in tech and always gravitating to web development, along with the struggle to develop my coding skills on the side, I know a big change is needed to advance my career along this path. This year, I’ve also made the resolution to do things my gut is 100% enthusiastic about and to not do things it’s less than 100% enthusiastic about. As soon as someone told me there was bootcamp for javascript, I was 100% enthusiastic about it and haven’t stopped thinking about it.

For the online admissions application, they have a javascript challenge, which was challenging but but by no means impossible and I felt good writing javascript code/solution. The syntax felt natural to me.

Javascript (JS) will round out my html, css, php, perl, SQL and mysql skills. Javascript is used on 88% of the websites on the web – this is a hot skill to have. What gets my heart pumping is working on websites and JS is a very visual language (user interfaces). It also taps into my desire for connecting and working with databases because it’s also a back-end language.

Over the next week, I’ll review my finances, my calendar and check in with my desires to see if all of this is all feasible and still feels like the right path. It will be tough to quit the job, lay down $18k for the course, live off savings and to ensure I have health care for 3+ months, but I think this will be a small drop in a much grander future for me.

I’ve read it’s tough to get into Hack Reactor as they have high standards. On their website the earliest start date for on-site cohort would be June 29.


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