Folsom Trail Half Marathon (#16) – InsideTrails

Water, sun, streams, technical trails and food!

This was a spur of the moment event only because stars aligned. On Thursday, I saw an advertisement for the Folsom trail race and something in the ad said Roseville, which made me realize that it was taking place the same day I would be in Roseville!

I signed up the morning of the race and loved that everything was familiar in a new location – they have great signage (like for gear check and bib pickup) and it’s always a small affair without lines.

The only line I queued in had been to pay the park entrance fee because I had arrived just 30 mins before the start. This also happened at the wood side crossover. A point to remember for future races that are in parks.

The dams and lake were refreshing and awe-inspiring. It’s a part of California unexplored by me.

The 10K and half marathoners started at the same time and ran on the same track. This was an out and back trail race with aid stations at Mile 3.1 (at the 10K turn around) and then one at 6.55 (Half Marathon turn around). Three aid stations for the half marathon is more than past races I’ve run. It provided me the opportunity to test out eating a PB&J sandwich at mile 3.1.

About 2 miles to the half marathon turn around, my pace was easy when the leader of the half marathon passed me and then noticed the second place leader pass around 1.5 mile to the turn around. This made me think of a modification to the common math problem they’d give out in high school class… two trains traveling toward each other, each going x and y pace, at what point would they meet. Instead it should be Two runners are running on an out and back trail, with a turn around at mile 6.55, and each runner is running x pace and y pace. At what point will they cross paths?

The 10K trails (first and last 3.1 miles) were wide for the most part and not that technical. The trail became narrow and more technical after the first aid station. The overall course had many inclines and descents; A relatively flat course (~900 ft elevation gain) compared to previous races, nothing that I would call a hill.

The food was varied and plentiful both at the aid stations and the finish line. Another great race by inside trails.

Outfit Report

Fuel Report

  • Ate gluten during and after run
  • Morning Of: French Fries, Oatmeal with crasins, almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon; 1 cup hot caffeinated tea with splenda.
  • During: 1 package Pro Bar Bolt without caffeine; water; Chewy chocolate Chip cookie, Nutter Butter, PB&J
  • Right After: Chocolate Milk, Ate carbs (fritos, etc), PB&J; Ate meat, French fries about 1.5 hours after.
  • Tried eating but body said NO!: N/A – I did not eat anything that my body revolted at

Soreness/Injury Report

  • Pre-race Injury: Hamstring outer knee knob pain, Sore calves, Sore hamstrings
  • Taped: Both knees (1 strip each)
  • During: Hamstring outer knee knob pain.
  • Post Race: Feet, groin sore, Tight calves, Back stiff
  • Day after Half: Walked 18 holes of golf, right foot sore all over, groin pain
  • Two days after race: Right foot sore all over, Groin pain

Course Elevation

Folsom Trail Run - Inside Trails - 2015


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