Run With The Foxes Trail Half Marathon (#17)

My first Indiana trail race and my sister’s first trail half marathon. It had been raining prior to the race so the trails were super muddy. The course was flat, with only 3 “hills” that required walking. There were a few areas that had switch backs as it climbed the hillside.

Though it was flat, by the time mile 10 hit, we were exhausted. I wasn’t used to the 75 degree humid weather nor the mud nor running this much on a trail race. This was the farthest my sister had run on a trail.

This was organized by the Hoosier Hiker’s council. There were no timing chips – it was old school that everyone ‘starts’ with gun time and then finishing they will input your bib into a sheet along with the time, then a section of the bib gets put on a string in the order that folks came in. This is similar to the 5 mile turkey trot I did last fall. The aid stations were plentiful (5 for the half marathon) and contained only water and gatorade. The finish had chips, pretzels, cookies, bananas, popcorn, and gatorade. Unfortunately, everything was stale because of the humidity.

We had fun getting muddy.

Run with the Foxes 2015


I had a really hard time before the start deciding, which trial shoes to wear. I chose the known of two evils (lesser of two evils). The Solomon S-labs were not broken in and the last 8 miles I ran in them cause blisters and a weird ache in my right foot. So I went with the Newton Boca AT that are too small and cause bruises on my big toes. Luckily there were no hills so my big toe didn’t hit the front of the Newtons except for one downhill and thus no bruising. After this race, there was a noticeable pain in my left ring toe, which may have been caused by the shoes. Also, chose the Newtons because there was a stretch of the race that was on road and there are little cushion in the S-Lab, though the distance was short and I would have been fine in the S-lab in that respect.

Outfit Report

Fuel Report

  • Morning Of: Oatmeal with rasins, crasins, almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon; 1 cup hot caffeinated tea with splenda.
  • During: 1 package Pro Bar Bolt without caffeine; water; Gatorade at aid station mile 11.
  • Right After: Banana; fritos; Gatorade; cookies; potato chips; Clif Protein;
  • Later after race: Beer, wine, cupcakes, bread bowl (gluten)
  • Tried eating but body said NO!: N/A – I did not eat anything that my body revolted at

Soreness/Injury Report

  • Pre-race Injury: Sore calves and back from the half marathon the day before.
  • Taped: Both knees (1 strip each)
  • During: No pain or soreness during; tired; warm (75 degrees, humid); muddy.
  • Post Race: Stretched well after the race. Back was tight; left ring toe hurt when pedicurist put acetone on it.
  • Day after Half: A little stiff in the legs when I woke but went away quickly; Went for a 3 mile walk; SI joints (back sides) sore; left ring toe still hurts
  • Two days after race: N/A

Course Elevation

The race directors predicted 1300-1600 feet of elevation gain, but Nike plus said it was a little less than 1200.


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