August challenge

my August challenge includes staying under budget and eating clean.

Eating clean involves foods that have less than 4 ingredients, they have ingredients I can pronounce and find in nature and has no added cane sugar. I’m adding gluten free to this definition. 

These are ok in my book (aka my exceptions):

  • Honey is ok. 
  • French fries are ok. 
  • Spiced Meat (without sauce) is ok. 
  • Rice and quinoa are ok. 
  • Coconut milk is ok (even though it has chemicals). 
  • I may make an exception for Luna bars or potato chips with potatoes, salt and oil as ingredients (Fritos!). I haven’t decided where the line is just yet. 
  • Plant based protein is ok too. 

Home made trail mix has become my friend. I may have to use raisins instead of cranberries because of the added sugar. This also has chocolate in it, which may have to be an exception. 

For races, I can take my tried and trusted pro bar bolt chews and have brown sugar in my pre-race oatmeal. Actually I should make the day before a race a free day too so I can have my ritual pancakes and zucchini bread. 

Bye-bye sweets

Aside from that no flour-like sweet treats. Fruit (and maybe dark chocolate) will have to be my evening dessert. I’m also going to refrain from drinking Straight up juices which are as bad as sodas. 

Friend support / strategy

I’ve always wanted to do this challenge. A few folks from November Project are doing it and have set up a support group on Facebook for us. I think it’s time I did this. 

I may have to pack up all my temptations and put them at a friends place during the challenge so I at least don’t cheat at home. 



3 thoughts on “August challenge

  1. Good luck! You will feel much better after cutting out gluten (its not as hard as it sounds). For an evening snack, I love making dark chocolate bark and adding in nuts and dried fruit!

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