Day 1 of 30 days Eat Clean Challenge

Victories: gluten free! No sweet treats!

I now have peanut butter that does not contain sugar, lots of fruits, and veggies. Im ready for the week, as I have cut up veggies to throw into eggs in the morning, carrots are cleaned for salads and munching and rice is prepared.

I realized my two go-to items are not clean. My homemade trail mix contains cranberries which have added sugar and my salads have cranberries, processed dairy free cheese and Candied pecans. I will have to find alternatives. Maybe raisins instead of cranberries in my trail mix.

I ate left over pizza sauce, processed pepperoni and gf white bread, which made it unsuccessful, along with chips and a flavored drink. I don’t think I over ate yesterday, which is a plus! Today I’m volunteering at a trail race and will probably eat some processed energy bars. I brought dried fruit to maybe hold me over. 

I went to make my homemade granola bars last night and they have loads of butter in them and brown sugar. I will have to find a different recipe.


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