Day 20 of 30 day Eat Clean Challenge

Victories: Met my water intake! Good amount of veggies!

Arguing with someone prior to and while waiting in line for free ice cream leads to eating said free ice cream. A breakdown in my challenge, but looked at it as a ‘test run’ for this weekend. I have concerns about how my body will handle my ritual day-before race fueling (carbo loading) of gluten free pancakes with syrup, and gluten free zucchini bread after 20+ days of low sugar. I bet these sugars the day before the race will help me sleep well the night before my FIRST full marathon!

I’m backing off of the legumes and the broccoli/cauliflower because I need my system moving freely over the next two days.

Zoodles are amazing. It was fun to eat and great knowing that it contains more vegetables, nutrients and water than pasta.

Clean food consisted of:

  • Quinoa, peanut butter (no sugar), strawberries, banana, slivered almonds
  • Black grapes
  • Carrot
  • Salad: mixed greens (half spinach), zucchini, carrots, sunflower seeds, homemade vinaigrette (evoo, balsamico, lemon, salt and pepper)
  • White rice
  • zucchini, basil, tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts, EVOO, salt
  • 64+ oz of fluids (water & caffeine tea)

Not-so-clean foods today:

  • Dried cranberries (sugar)
  • Full gluten chocolate chip cookies (2)
  • Soy mint chip ice cream

Total Servings (estimated):

  • Fruit: 2
  • Veggies: 4
  • Legumes: 1

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