Day 24 of 30 day Eat Clean Challenge

Victories: Met my water intake! Gluten Free! No artificial sweeteners!

Today is day after my first marathon so I’m ate the left over unclean foods to “get them out of the house”.

Clean food consisted of:

  • Homemade Salsa verde
  • Pear
  • Banana
  • Homemade granola bars
  • Mixed greens, tomato, avocado, pasture raised egg
  • Lentil pasta
  • Homemade pasta sauce with extra veggies
  • 64+ oz of fluids (water)

Not-so-clean foods today:

  • Flax tortilla chips (long ingredients list)
  • Bacon
  • Gf beer
  • Gf pasta

Not clean foods today:

  • GF Waffle (2 bites)
  • Syrup
  • GF Zucchini bread

Total Servings (estimated):

  • Fruit:
  • Veggies:
  • Legumes:

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