Hack Reactor Fulcrum – The Tipping Point

An email came across my inbox today:

We’re writing to follow up on your interview with [us] last month.

At the time of your interview, we did not have a great way to offer our educational programs to candidates that didn’t meet our technical bar. We’ve always invited people to re-apply after a study period, but we know it’s easy to get lost and discouraged when trying to follow along with online tutorials.

In order to help people like you study up and progress in your learning goals, we’ve developed a new open-enrollment online program called Hack Reactor Fulcrum. It’s made up of the material that used to be the first three weeks of Hack Reactor, and now constitutes the pre-course homework that Hack Reactor students must complete before starting the program.

Fulcrum is an exceptional way to prepare for your next interview, and, the tuition counts towards your Hack Reactor tuition if you ultimately pass the admissions process. We’re recommending it to you if you’re still interested in Hack Reactor, or in the craft of coding in general.

Admissions Specialist, Hack Reactor

This could not have come at a better time because just as the email eluded to, I was getting discouraged with my self-study progress and inability to pass the technical interview with Hack Reactor. I immediately signed up for Fulcrum without blinking an eye. My dream is to be a JavaScript developer and something said inside me that Fulcrum is the tipping point I need to get there.

Later on in the day, while on a run, I received a phone call from a state where I know no one. I picked up and it was the CEO of Hack Reactor. He was calling just to tell me that I was the first person to sign up for Fulcrum. Wow.


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