Hack Reactor Fulcrum Article

As a current Fulcrum student, I’m intrigued that this article is stating it is for people who have no experience coding. Fulcrum is a tough course (aka pre-course work for admitted Hack Reactor students) – this is coming from someone who has been around computers all their life, someone who has taken many programming classes over the years and knows the basics of building a static website, but who has also dabbled in CMS, php and databases.

I would say that the Fulcrum material bridges the gap between someone who is new to coding – but has done all of the free (or inexpensive) online tutorials, read books and has built simple pages – and someone who wants to get into an immersion program like Hack Reactor which requires you to have practiced and understand loops, if than statements, css, html, git, jQuery, test driven development, higher order functions, recursion and object oriented patterns.

During my 9 months of self study of JavaScript, I came across less than two paragraphs on higher order functions or recursion.


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