Best holiday gift?!

Exciting news: After multiple attempts (4) and 9 months of studying JavaScript, I passed the technical interview and was accepted into Hack Reactor!

My JavaScript self study journey included the following:

Online Tutorials
CodeSchool JavaScript Road Trip 1,2, and 3
Codeacademy JavaScript Path
Udacity Object Oriented JavaScript

Free Form Practice
Writing my own code with tests (My GitHub Code)
Learning from peers at work
Solving random higher order function problems (My GitHub Code)

Hack Reactor JavaScript Fundamentals: Scope, Closures, Higher-Order Functions
Girl Develop It JS102: Objects, Arrays and Functions
Girl Develop It JS200: JavaScript and the Web
Girl Develop It JS401: Intro to Unit Testing with Jasmine
Girl Develop It JS404: Intro to AngularJS
Hack Reactor Fulcrum

Eloquent JavaScript, chapter 5
You Don’t Know JS This and Object Prototypes
You Don’t know JS Scopes and Closures

MEAN Stack Self Study:
CodeSchool Real-time Web with Node.js
CodeSchool Shaping up with Angular.js
CodeSchool Building Blocks of Express.js


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