Hack Reactor: Home Stretch

Hack Reactor is a tough tough program to get into. I understand why it is named one of the best quality and most prestigious by Forbes. It requires pre-course materials (aka Fulcrum) to be completed before starting the program so everyone is at the same level at the start. They estimate it takes 9 weeks for students to finish the pre-course materials. In other words, it’s a lot of work even before getting into the program. Fulcrum includes two check-ins where someone on the Fulcrum staff review your code and also challenge you with creating functioning code on the spot. This is to prepare you for the two technical interviews where you do coding on the spot with little help!

Interview #1 for me was on November 18, 2015 and that’s when I was accepted into the program (pending completion of pre-course work). This acceptance started a slew of actions at for me at my current place of work, like asking for a personal leave or preparing to turn in my resignation because this is how dedicated I am to this career path. Along with human resourcing concerns, how long health insurance will last on unpaid leave, etc. On top of that there were personal items to consider, paying the $2K deposit to hold my spot, what will I eat during the intensive program? and what about laundry? (all that for another day’s post)

This morning, I aced my second interview. I was so incredibly nervous for this because at this point they STILL could tell me I’m not ready for the program, that I have to wait and study more (I was told this 3 times with interview #1, which has drawn this out this very moment for almost a year).

But… they didn’t tell me I had to wait or study more. =)

All that is left is one exercise creating a jQuery twitter app before I’m officially accepted into Hack Reactor January 2016 cohort.


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