At home workout

I love going to bodypump and spin class on Wednesday night. A number of other people do to on Wednesday nights, and though difficult I was able to get into the classes without being on the wait list today. After calling in sick and sleeping for 12 hours, I realized I could try out the Wednesday noon classes. I was dressed, in my full motorcycle gear, it was a gorgeous day but something told me to not go. It was the fact that one of my ears was clogged that kept me from risking the motorcycle ride.

Turned out to be the right choice because my nose is a leaky faucet. I wouldn’t have made the 15 min ride without dripping snot all over my helmet.

I opted for a workout at home. I used runner’s world beginners exercises along with the PT exercises I’ve collected over the years.


Week of Analogies (Day 1)

After reading Mile Markers and being in awe of her blogging/writing style I want to try a week of analogies (and lack of use of I/me/my in a majority if her posts).

Perusing through Active’s iphone app last night, the desire to take golf lessons the month of October was thwarted by my determination to stick to a Tuesday/Thursday EVENING run schedule. Much like the Little Mermaid who had to give up her voice to see her prince, I’ve had to give up morning runs to stick to the half marathon training plan because the will to sleep when the sun is not out has overcome my desire to see my ‘prince’ too many times in the past month.