Friends are Golden

Friends keep you going and pushing you past your limits, they are the strength when feel you’ve lost all strength.

Me: I’m going through a 100 page functional specification document…. I’m not looking forward to creating these. Why did I choose the harder route????

Friend: Because you are a smart, driven woman! And love a challenge!


Happiness is happening right now

A Harvard study found that when people’s minds are not wandering (thinking about the future or the past) they are happier. And they are most happy when making love.

The study included over 2,000 participants who received 3 text messages randomly for a little over two weeks. The text contained a link to an online survey that asked the participants what they were doing, what they were thinking about and how happy they were at that moment (just before they got the text message).

I decided to try this out. To my surprise, during the study, I began to realize that I’m happier more often throughout the day than I previously thought — with my 4-ness I have a tendency to think otherwise. I only missed two out of the 50 text messages throughout the study. I didn’t mind the 2 minute interruptions throughout the day while I filled out my happiness survey. It asked questions such as, “how focused are you on what you are doing?”, “What time did you go to sleep last night?”, “What time did you wake up?”, “How many people are you currently interacting with?”, and “Do you want to be doing what you are doing right now?”. One question which I had difficulty answering during the entire study was “Do you have to be doing what you are doing right now?”. To me, I would hardly ever answer yes to that question. I could always be doing something else right now — yes, at times there would be major sacrifices (a person has to work, sleep, eat, etc), but literally, I didn’t _have_ to be doing anything. Life is about choices, but I digress, that’s for another blog post =)

At the end of the study, my report showed a connection between happiness and how focused I was on the task I was preforming. Proving that I am more happy when my mind isn’t wandering and made me realize happiness is happening right now.