5K Hella-ween Race

A few weeks ago, when I was feeling optimistic about my half marathon, I signed up for an afternoon 5K where costumes were optional. Now the decision on whether to run in a school girl or Evil Alice costume! Or just try to get a new PB. =)

The gluten from last weekend’s dubachury¬†is catching up with me, that and the fact that the zyflamend ran out. Lots of neck stretching to loosen things up. Not sure how to loosen up the pads of my hands though. I ache in weird places. I’m gluten free again and will be until the end of March 2014 – perhaps I’ll make myself a real birthday cake. =)

More and more, I’m hearing the benefits of being vegetarian (and better running times). It might be a little easier for me to commit to it for a little while if I didn’t have a huge unopened bag of chicken breasts in my freezer and if I didn’t love pork =) I definitely notice meat makes me tired.