Runner’s High

I’ve been asked often, mostly by people who have run just a few times in their life, “do you get a runners high?” This is often followed by, “I ran two miles once, I felt like I would die then everything hurt after and I never did it again”.

My answer to them has been to relay this story where I was running but the effort felt like walking. From this most recent encounter with the one time runner, she thought the runners high was when nothing hurt when you run and it was easy. By that definition I have a runners high on 3/4 of my runs. Curiously, I did a little googling to see what other runners thought of “the runners high”.

My first stop was SUAR’s blog but to my dismay, I didn’t come across a blog post dedicated to this topic.

I liked this runner’s thought on it. The main point is to be present. And according to this definition, I also had a runner’s high during my second 5K (my first one alone) where the crowd was cheering us/me on and I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy that I cried. The day I ran 6 miles and it felt like I was walking, was also a day when I was present and not focusing on my thoughts or my body.

This article touches on both the endorphins that may produce the runner’s high and also the environmental factors. For me, the runner’s high is less likely to happen when I pushing myself and more when I’m staying in the moment.

How often are you asked if you experience the runner’s high?too often, I need a witty remark. ;